Petrina D.

Family run it seems customer service is amazing. They make me whole grain hamburger buns when I need them. A days notice is needed. Fresh n very yummy. Love this place..

Evelyn M.

This bakery is AMAZING 10/10 recommend The donuts were so savery and it left an amazing taste in my my mouth. if your thinking about going here but are not quite sure then you should definitely go! My aunt does not like donuts and she said they were amazing!!

Victoria P.

Love them. They have some of the best baked goods ive had in a long time. They're polite friendly and know how to make a customer happy

Arlene B.

Nice to have a hometown bakery. We love the breads, tomato pie and the donuts. I cannot believe how full the cream donuts are. Lots of variety.

Andrea C.

Everyone who works here is so kind and their treats are DELISH! Half moons are more like cake than cookies. Long johns are great, sour cream and glazed donuts are knockouts!

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